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30 Inch Dog Crate

This large foldable crate is perfect for small dogs or dogs with a small home. This crate comes with a kennel, which is perfect for feeding your dog. The foldable form also makes it perfect for taking to daycare or to petco. The metal door makes sure your dog is always safe and sound.

Medium 2 Door Dog Crate

If you're looking for a dog crate that will make your pup feel safe and loved, look no further than a medium 2 door dog crate. These crates are designed to be sturdy and comfortable for your dog, with a name plate and keyhole that make it easy to get into and out of the crate. Plus, the medium 2 door dog crate comes with a built-in flooring that makes it easy to clean.

Medium Double Door Dog Crate

This medium double door dog crate is ideal for up to 30 inches in height and has 8 panels that can be replaced with other materials to create a variety of looks and style. The large crate can be converted into a cell with a single walled environment, perfect for larger animals. The fenced in area and new panels make this a perfect location for a new dog or cat. this wire mesh dog crate is a great way to keep your dog safe and happy. It has a 30 inch height and is made of plastic. It has a white fenced in area with a black crate area. It also has a black playpen area and a 8 panel black sheridan crate area. This playpen is able to hold up to 8 toys. It also has a dogcrateq. Com effect top that is also able to hold a doll. The playpen can be left with a open door to allow for accessibility features. The black siding is able to be replaced with a white surface if needed. this 30 inch dog crate is a great option for those with large dogs. It is made of heavy-duty plastic and has a hard-shell case to protect it. It is easy toosc and has a bright light on it. The pan cage can hold 18 - 48 pet, and the kennel can hold 100 -Rights for dogs. The tray can hold dogs' food, water, and toys, and the cages can be locked with a key and magnets. This dog crate is perfect for large dogs and will make their life easier. This 4-door, metal-frame crate is a good value at $30. It has a spacious inside floor area of $16. It has a comfortable position for a 2-year-old dog and is built with tough, wooden years in mind. It can be folded up for easy packing and shipping, or shipped with the animal's supervision.